Earn More Monero With Less CPU Power

Earn Much More

Payout: 100% Of The Hashes

Easy Withdraw

Min. Withdraw: 0.2 XMR

Affiliate Program

Reward: 25% Hashpower


Just let the Monero mining run while surfing the internet or while you sleep at night. No registration is required. Your accepted shares are linked directly to your Monero wallet address and will be in your account whenever you start mining again. Payments are done automatically to your wallet once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount (0.2 XMR). If you want more hashpower for your own Monero mining please join our affiliate program and earn 25% of your referral hashpower. The more users you refer the more hashpower you will have. The more CPU hashpower you apply the more Moneros will be mined. The Monero Miner will use quiet a bit of your CPU power so dont get alarmed if your PC fans get active & loud…